D is for Daffodils

Daffodils are some of the prettiest flowers to herald the arrival of spring.


I would like to believe that with such a wide variety of these cheerful blooms, there is a certain amount of artistic license given to less experienced (or even first time at 1:00am),  daffodils-in-frosting decorators.


A very generous amount of artistic license and creative leeway.

But don’t be alarmed – to provide actual guidance in successful edible daffodil creation, I’ve included a link below.

Well, here goes …

Daffodil Mini Cupcakes


Mix up your favorite plain cake recipe, then divide the batter into two, or even three, different colors. I opted for a pale yellow and a medium orange, adding just a touch of orange extract to the latter.

Using small teaspoons (iced tea spoons work well), fill each lined cupcake tin approximately 2/3 full, alternating colors.


Bake according to recipe directions. Allow cupcake to cool completely before decorating.



Fill a parchment or other piping bag with the frosting of your choice. I used bright yellow, but more subtle and varied color choices would be very nice.

As you will see, I did not frost the cupcakes first, knowing that these cupcakes were merely for practice – and to share with my fellow, and very forgiving, writers at our next meeting.

Using a cake decorating petal tip, make each petal with the wider end of the tip closest to the surface, then repeat all around the top of the cupcake.

Then placing the tip close to the completed petals, rotate the cupcake to make the cup, or corona, of the flower.



I obviously need to work on my technique (yes, I roll my eyes at that choice of word), but to learn how to do this properly, please visit:

Daffodil Cake Tutorial

Have fun, feel free to experiment – and forgive yourself the blunders of every beginner.

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